Gemapis - Milestone 1 tech demo

This project was started over a year ago, though 95% of the work has been done in the last few weekends (to be honest it seems like I spent more time on the video and blog post then on it itself).

Gemapis is a map/tile editor for 2D tile based games such as RPG’s and Platformer’s. Typically it will be used for games resembling the graphics of SNES or Sega Megadrive (Genisis) era of games.

 I have released a video showing off Gemapis’s features which were todo’s in milestone one which is now complete.  Theres a few big things to do in milestone two before a first release.


Features you saw in the video include:  

  • Tile layers
  • Tile transparency
  • Tile rotation
  • Tile mirroring
  • Group tile selection
  • Saving the tile data and reloading it
  • Saving map data into a binary format which will be able to be read by many systems and programming languages.

Features I will/would like to include:

  • Undo/Redo of map edits
  • Nice user interface
  • Polygon hit detection (expressed in XML)
  • Map entity specifications Eg, Sprites, NPC’s, Events etc (expressed in XML)

Like I said in the video. If your interested in helping let me know; you will get SVN access (like with most of my projects).  I ask for help because I cant be good at everything ;)

Gemapis will be open source software.

 In the tech video/demo for milestone 2 you will see a C++ game using a map created in Gemapis and hopefully using all the features described above.

High resolution video can be found here.


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