I just want to talk about a small application Ive been working on and a few other things.

For very small periods on and off over the last 6 months I have been working an application I am calling netsend. Netsend is / will be a networking tool with the main aim of sending a file across a network peer to peer. Weather is be across a LAN or the internet.

Netsend is person to person. Peer to peer (single peer). The Idea is simple, I want to send Mr-x a picture of a purple monkey. I simply run netsend. Mr-x connects and the transfer starts. After the transfer is complete both programs on mine and Mr-x machines end. In contrast it will also be able to compress a bunch of pictures of purple monkeys, encrypt them and send them to a backup server every night.

Yes I know theres FTP, secure copy, chat protocol x or some other similar application.

But netsend differs in that its not a service like FTP, its only function is to successfully copying 1 file at a time. Its not designed just for humans sending files like with chat clients (although you can get a interactive command line). It can be 100% automated. It will be 100% open source and multi platform.

The idea of netsend is like any good OS/Networking tool which allot of the unix paradigm is designed around. Make it do one job and do it well, use IPC (Inter Process Communication) and use standard Input and Output to make it generic. Also lots of options and features helps also but no feature creep.
At the moment its features are short and platforms are limited.

  • Percentage completion status bar
  • File resume
  • Windows 32

Here are some screen shots with a transfer through the loopback network.
But I have had the exact same success across the internet and a LAN.

First screen capture is of a transfer taking place. 2nd is of an md5 checksum of the original file and then of the sent file. The checksum is the same, the transfer went 100%

Netsend p2p network transfer Netsend p2p network transfer
If you are interested in trying a very very early release of netsend download it here. Sorry Im working on getting it ported to more systems (Linux is next). Note the executable is pretty large because it hasn’t been stripped of debugging information or optimized. Netsend will be designed to be light weight and require very few external library’s.

The next feature I want to add is specifying a range or single IP which can make a connection.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier.

Seems like a pretty good free command line utility to check that byte by byte bit by bit two files are the same. You can generate checksums in MD5 or SHA1. I will be keeping this handy.

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