Cobol - Code Only (no comments because even the programmers have no idea what its doing) Business Oriented Language.
COBOL hurts my head. No more please.
I think its funny that in 25 years programmers will probably go ‘oh no not C#’ (if their not already doing it now).

That is all.

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  1. phrantic snr Says:

    Funny, the only programming language that really did my head in was assembly for the PDP-8 processor.

    Oooh yeah.. mask after goddamn mask. Object Oriented Programming FTW!

  2. Orb!ter Says:

    Object Oriented Programming is all well and good for extensibility, but applications done in an Object Oriented way run shithouse. Plain and simple! Ofcourse, there are good theories involved (such as Polymorphism, Information Hiding) and it is great to be able to think in such a way - but come on - we have 3.2GHz dual core computers and 1GB of RAM affordable for people (under $1000) and yet our applications have never actually increased in speed - infact, my Pentium 90 before I sold it had Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Windows 95 on it for 10 years. Microsoft Word 97 loaded up in ~ 1 second - like almost instantly. I have a Centrino 1.3GHz processor (15x faster in terms of raw MHz, technology advancements obviously make a difference) and Microsoft Word 2007 takes me well over 15 seconds to load.

    Java is a prime example of Object Oriented speed issues - it’s slow, buggy and has a tendancy to cause computer systems to crash (and yes, mobile phones - 2 V3’s don’t like a particular Tetris game that works fine on a V3i :o ). I created a simple application for a mates uni assignment and all it was was command line (ie stuff Quick Basic could do back in 1988). The java implementation was significantly slower than a Quick Basic implemtation.

    I’m also getting pissed off with the amount of lecturers and tutors who keep telling my ‘tutees’ to use int’s and longs over shorts for

  3. Jason Says:

    JAVA is slow period.

    I will agree that Object Oriented Programs do have some bloat Ie, application size will be larger than functional/procedural programs and there is a bit more overhead on the call stack.

    But for something as complex as a commercial game good luck trying to manage millions of lines of functional code. I find OOP is suitable only for complex applications, the best example being a game. Everything in a game can be modeled around a object.

    To be honest COBOL isn’t actually that bad of language. It was designed for financial business ap’s and it is perfect just for that.

    Im having trouble because its nothing like I’ve done before. I picked Rexx up really quick with no training but thats because its designed to be easy to learn and easy to read. Where COBOL is the opposite. It reminds me of assembly. You can do exactly what you want with minimal lines of code but its not that easy to read or learn.

    ATM C++ is probably my favorite language. Its fast, portable, powerful, it doesn’t force you into any paradigm and there is lots of library written in C you can still use. I really love the C++ Netbeans plugin although it could me much much better mainly in IntelliSense and code completion side. Visual Studio C++ is much better for IntelliSense but other than that its a very bad IDE.

  4. Paul Says:

    TBH, I haven’t done much in spans of languages, so I have no idea.

    At first, I pretty much started in pascal, at the time, I liked it and could generally do all the stuff i wanted to do with it(at the time). During that time I tried visual basic, never have/will go back. I moved into PHP, without the use of any real c type language before, during this time, I picked up markup languages, which are making c++’ing much easier now in moving and saving data ;) , and javascript. During my years of using PHP, i learnt OOP, and now im on to C++, I personally have found OOP to extremely useful for complex applications but of course I steared clear for anything relatively simple. Orb!ter, you seem to have a dire hate for OOP???, but like anything, it have advantages and disadvantages, just like not using OOP does.

    And maybe the size and the amount of extra crap in word 2007 compared to word 97 in retrospect to current processor power, and duel/multi core doesn’t particularly mean shit for something that isn’t multi-threaded (Don’t know if they made it multi-threaded :S). is the reason for it being so slow, not JUST the fact that it’s written in OOP. Just a thought.

  5. Orb!ter Says:

    I don’t hate OO, I’m just saying no emphasis is made on optimisation anymore. It’s “too easy” these days to make a program, and on top of that is the fact we have so much power, we throw it out even more. My reference to 97 v 2007 is more-or-less the inclusion of ‘useless crap’ because it’s ‘easy’ with Object Orientation. Whilst it does have a huge array of benefits (especially in development with other programmers), it’s main disadvantage is in performance… and we aren’t talking the difference 100MHz would make, I’m talking about why is it still impossible to make a Smoothe 60FPS 2D Sidescroller in Java on anything

  6. Orb!ter Says:

    Further on what I was saying about it being “too easy” to make a program, I mean it’s too easy to see results and forget about important factors such as security and speed.

  7. Paul Says:

    Fair enough, and I completely understand that. PHP’ing taught me how very very easy it is to make something, and start using a database, they got their results, n no longer cared for anything else. Java, and many other high level languages give `programmers’ an easy option over lower level languages like C++, but this causes the issue your talking about, unnecessary and unoptimised overhead etc etc. Just make do knowing, you can write something of a higher standard then JAVA programmers/awesome drag n dropers etc. :D

    Though, I’m no longer willing to debate/discuss this, in Jason’s comments. Hahaha. Somewhere else?

  8. Paul Says:

    PS. Might come to Greentube lan sometime, seeing I live in Noble Park n all. :D

  9. Jason Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with every ones comments.

    Wow I love my blog. Allot of smart people come here. :)

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