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Windows commands for UNIX freaks

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Ok, when I have a choice I will use a *NIX OS. I prefer to use *NIX because among other things the amount of power given over the OS at the command terminal.
Unfortunately 99% of the world uses Windows and when at work or school the systems admin would have a nervous breakdown if one day you just replaced the OS on your work pc, sure you may be 300 times more productive but, UNIX is evil isn’t it? Hence having no place on corporate computer equipment.

Heres where my problem starts. Well I take that back it’s more an personal announce…

I am constantly typing the ‘ls’ command in the Windows Command-prompt and as we know the equivalent to this command is actually ‘dir’ under Windows.

I literally do this every time I want a directory listing! It annoys me so much.

Today I had a few hours spare and thought I would figure out how to change this… Heres how.
First we use the doskey command, which will now alias ‘ls’ as ‘dir’ so know we can type ls command and the corresponding dir command will be executed.
Command Syntax - doskey ls=dir

The problem is the alias is lost every time we reboot or run a new command-prompt instance.
To fix this we need to add a registry key, which will set up our alias every time the command line is starts.

To do this we need to add a new registry key located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor with the name ‘AutoRun’ and the value doskey ‘ls=dir’.

So now we are 33% more productive in listing directories! (3 letter command VS 2 letter)

Windows errors on the way to work

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Today as I was rushing to catch a train to work and noticed a crowd of people looking confused at one of the train departure screens. On closer inspection I realized it was a classic Windows error message. The crowd looked even more confused as I laughed at it while taking a photo with my phone.

Well here it is, sorry for it being blurred I was in a rush to a train that didnt even turn up.

The message box said there was a video driver error.

I hope its there tomorrow so I can get a better shot and put it on


OMG its still there, today after this edit being the 7th! It seems they cant get rid. Maybe they should drag it to the bottem corner? Or reboot? Or not use Windows?