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Ohh no’s I forgot how to get home…

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

So today I was driving with Mum and 5 minutes from home she asked me to get rid of a ant which she had found on her arm.
I picked the ant up and rolled down the window and placed him out side. This then got me thinking what will he do? Where will he go?

Will he..

A - Try to find his way home.

B - Join another local ant colony.

C - Start his own ant colony.

Update! (Wallpapers)

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Just now I added 5 new wallpapers to my image section.

To see a see the full version go to the image section and click on the thumb nail. My personal comments on the image can also be found there as well as their creation dates (a few years ago atleast).

If you have any comments they can be made here.


Atreyu - A really cool metalcore band I was into a while ago

System Of A Down - Still probably my favourite band!


Vivi (FF9) - He’ll Black magic your ass!

Devil May Cry 3 - Great games DMC are

Cars / Girls 

Burning hot!

Nace on

Thursday, February 1st, 2007


I have submitted a project I have been working on to source forge under the GPL license.

The project is called ‘Nace’ which initially stood for ‘Naughts and crosses elite’.


Nace is a board game in which 2 players choose places on a grid, the winner is the first player to connect the defined connection length of their colour in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

Game play is challenging and can be as simple as Tic-tac-toe or as complex as Gomoku (Ancient Japanese board game) both of which can be played.

The game is unique because it allows customizable game play rules including board width & height and the length of the connection needed to win.


2 player (same computer) , networked game, AI (very limited, see future section), and game play settings.

Network chat and preset games(Tic-tac-toe & Gomoku).


Basically the project started out as a Swing (JAVA GUI Library) version of the game Tic-tac-toe.

I then changed game play to allow the player/s to specify the width height and winning connection length of the game.

Next, while learning about threads and networking in JAVA I added networked games with chat.


Although the game engine is basically complete AI games still need allot of improvement. Much of which at the current point in time is to hard for me alone to understand and implement.

I submitted to Source forge hoping that other interested programmers can help develop this with me.

AI would generally consist of using the Minimax algorithm.

Different difficulty levels of AI could be adjusted in which level the Minimax is alpha-beta pruned to.

I would also like to allow every one interested to learn from the project as I did while developing it. I feel the code is well documented.

My initial vision of the game was to allow the players to create their own rules to ‘the game’ by providing many settings and options.

Please contact me if you can help or are interested.


The download the game: Here

The source code is:

svn co nace

Tasks can be found: Here

Screen shots

Main game board with game settings window

Server hosting and client connecting

Player chat while playing a networked game