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Friday, April 13th, 2007

This weekend I have finished programming my first mobile application. It actually wasnt the first one I have finished but it was the first one I started.

Basically the idea behind Geek tools was to create a set of useful and fun tools for mobile that only geeks would have a need for.


Prime number checker: Can check a 64-bit integer for primality.

This may come in use some day. Maybe if you only place bets on horses which have only primes as their number.

Al bhed translator: Al bhed is a language spoken by a race in the game Final Fantasy 10. This tool allows you to convert from Al bhed to English and vice versa. The code that does this is very generic so it could be done to any other language and I am open to suggestions. Eg, Elvish.

Binary / Hex / Octal / Decimal / ASCII convertor: So far this is the ‘killer app’ of the tool set. I havnt seen any other J2ME apps with this capability so it may be the first! It can convert between any of the formats to any other format or base.

Some advice when using this; know the capability of your phone and dont give it something insane to convert to all other formats or it can take a while.

If you wish you can download it here

Im very open to suggestions and ideas so please let me know if you want a feature added to Geek tools. Also like all of my phone apps im interested how it works on your phone.