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Friday, June 22nd, 2007

This morning I made this Lolcat of my cat Dante.



Friday, May 4th, 2007

Ok its time I thanked a few of my Internet brothers.

Firstly Pauly over at for the FREE hosting! The service provided is simply amazing, huge disk space, huge file transfer and ssh (IRC,VIM,GNU Compilers) which allows me to do things like the Full metal Racket steam recording. Also thanks for being there with web-dev help.

Secondly Phranticsnr, my older bro who resides up North at thanks for being my top referral behind the search engines. Thanks for the tour of Brisbane and the in-sight into technology and gadgets.

And last but not least, Orbitor who chills (literally) south of heaven down at who hooked my up with some html layout (pictured below) which I use in the images and programs section of the site. He probably dosnt even remember doing this but thanks anyway. He also tries to provide a public e-service and rid the Internet of idiots, we should all thank him for this.

Theres more of you. You know who you are…


Heavy metal reviews [Slayer - Christ Illusion]

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Ive been able to listen to allot of metal albums these days. My daily trip from my house to Sydney CBD allows allows me to listen to albums from start to finish with no interuptions.

This is how I have always thought albums should be listned to.

Here are my thoughts on what I have recently been listening to.

Christ Illusion

Review - God HATES us all! Firstly I want to talk about the song Black Serenade. I find this one of their most disturbing songs lyrically. Although I look at the funny sides of necrophilia so on second thought this song is killer rape hardcore! This song features a catchy heavy riff, perfectly timed guitar leads and a ideal contrast of tempo and ‘heavyness’.

One thing I noticed is Slayer albums feature no ‘filler songs’ or annoying interlude’s to waste time. Christ Illusion follows suit.

‘Eyes of the Insane’ is basically about how war makes a solider insane. It makes me understand how much you would see death and think about death. Your job is to take the life of the enemy, you will die also.

Now the most controversial song of the album - ‘Jihad’. This song is about the 9/11 attacks from the point of view of the ‘terrorists’ or ‘holly warriors’ depending which side you are on. Tom Araya’s vocals are peaty awesome to keep up with the tempo and I would like to see him pull this of live. The song ends with a extract from motivational letter used before the attacks and is tremendously effective.

I also love Skeleton Christ. Its about how Christianity is used to control people. Its about how Christianity black mails you into things that aren’t true. This song is awesome, its not like Decides rebellion. Its just saying that religion is stupid, you need to make up your own morals. Figure out for self whats right and wrong. Hail Satan! or F*ck Satan! It dosnt matter its all BS.

Overall this album features melodic solos which arn’t in the older Slayer albums. The album is well produced and refined compared to older stuff. It shows the band is still full of creativity in their older age. Its weird because this album is different though you can still decently tell it is Slayer. There is no band to being anything like Slayer.

4 out of 5 Pentagrams

Ohh no’s I forgot how to get home…

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

So today I was driving with Mum and 5 minutes from home she asked me to get rid of a ant which she had found on her arm.
I picked the ant up and rolled down the window and placed him out side. This then got me thinking what will he do? Where will he go?

Will he..

A - Try to find his way home.

B - Join another local ant colony.

C - Start his own ant colony.

First post

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Ok, so I just installed WordPress which will help me publish text, news, blogs, tutorials and other content. Readers will also be able to comment ;) . So far it seems preaty good although it did take a while to figure out how to intergrate it in.
My only thing I dislike so far is its post editor is preaty basic, maybe theres a plugin or option or something.